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Los 33 cambios de Google en los últimos 67 días

December 10th, 2009 · No Comments

En el reciento evento Google Search Congress, del 7 de Diciembre del 2009, se recogieron los últimos 33 cambios de Google…en los últimos 67 días…quien tuviera esa productividad.

Por votación popular ;) los recojo aquí:

  1. Multiple Pictures in Product Search
  2. World Bank Data Added to Search
  3. Updated Movie Showtimes
  4. Flu Shot Finder
  5. Site Hierarchies in Search Results
  6. Hot Trends Highlighted on Results Page
  7. Crawling AJAX
  8. Poison Control in Search
  9. Multiple Providers in Weather Results
  10. In-Browser Viewing of Google Docs
  11. Malware Details
  12. Fetch as Googlebot
  13. New Look-And-Feel on Maps
  14. Music Search
  15. Search Options Panel with Page Previews
  16. Similar Images on Image Search
  17. Magazine Layout in Images Universal
  18. Holiday Interfaces
  19. Personalized Suggest on Mobile
  20. Recommendations in Google Reader
  21. Social Search
  22. Extended Personalized Search
  23. New Tools in Search Options
  24. Search Options Panel for Mobile
  25. Google Search For Nokia S60 Phone in English and Mandarin Chinese
  26. Improved Local Web Search
  27. Mobile Movie Results
  28. SafeSearch lock
  29. New Fade Homepage
  30. Search Options in More Languages
  31. Rich Snippets in Japanese
  32. Google Translate Update
  33. Global Roll-Out of Google Suggest

Sólo nos falta el 34..pero eso ya es Caffeine

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